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Collaboration is key to making Dundee thrive

A Dundee firm is encouraging organisations to think local in 2024 as it chooses the city’s local gift card for its staff rewards

ATL Turbine Services has rewarded its team with the Dundee Gift Card as its end of year thank you. Staff at the Dundee based engineering firm each received a Dundee Gift Card to spend with over 220 local businesses in December.

Dale Harris, CEO at ATL said that if more firms choose local with their rewards and incentives, the impact on the city would be considerable:

“When it comes to our staff rewards, we choose local as much as possible. In the past, we’ve given staff everything from produce from local farm shops to vouchers. For 2023, we chose to use the Dundee Gift Card because it offers flexibility for staff.

“We had a look at where the Dundee Gift Card can be spent and there’s plenty of variety on there, so it covers all bases and staff can choose something that they specifically want. We ordered the cards online, they arrived quickly, and staff were happy to receive them.

“As a Dundee based firm, all of our employees are folks who live locally, so it makes sense for us to keep money local by choosing the Dundee Gift Card as it has to be spent in the city.

“Our 2023 reward is a small token of thanks to our 78 person team. But if every firm in Dundee chose the gift card for their rewards and incentives in 2024, collaborating together to help hard hit local businesses, the impact on our city would be considerable.”

227 businesses are now part of the Scotland Loves Local Dundee Gift Card. Alison Henderson, CEO, Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce said:

“We know that supporting local matters to employees with 98% of people in 2023 Scotland Loves Local Gift Card research saying they’re keen to support local. The Dundee Gift Card is an easy way to offer employees huge choice, whilst supporting our city.”

Scotland’s Towns Partnership chief officer Kimberley Guthrie said:

“If we all make 2024 the year that we choose local more often, we will make a huge difference to our communities. It’s fantastic to see ATL – and Dundee – leading by example and showing others what can be achieved. We hope their example will inspire even more businesses to show their support for the other enterprises and people around them in the same way. When we choose local, everyone wins.”

Colin Munro, managing director of Miconex said:

“The population in Dundee is around 147,000 people. If 20% of those people received a £50 Dundee Gift Card through their workplace, that would be a £1.4 million boost to Dundee’s economy. 94% of organisations said supporting local was important when planning rewards and incentives and 76% said support for local enables them to take an active role in the success of their community. Choosing the Dundee Gift Card offers choice for staff with a tangible cash injection for the city as cards are spent with local businesses.”