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The Scotland Loves Local Aberdeen Gift Card is a valuable reward to suit a diverse workforce

Port of Aberdeen is the UK’s oldest and newest port. Employing over 100 people, Port of Aberdeen supports a diverse range of industries, including oil & gas, renewables, decommissioning, general cargo, cruise and ferries. A Trust Port operating on the doorstep of the city, Port of Aberdeen also works with and supports local communities to create prosperity for future generations.

Amber Inglis, HR Advisor, and Lauren Strachan, Communications & Marketing Advisor, at Port of Aberdeen told us how Port of Aberdeen has used Town & City Gift Cards to aid retention.

What rewards/incentives does Port of Aberdeen offer?

“Over the past 900 years, Port of Aberdeen has grown and developed alongside the city. The new multi-million pound South Harbour expansion is the largest marine infrastructure project in the UK. In the past, we’ve given staff a hamper at Christmas filled with products from local suppliers in Aberdeen, and for long service awards, staff are given an ‘open gift’, so they can choose the gift and we purchase it.”

What are your key objectives for your employee rewards/incentives?

“Our main objective as an employer is retention and engagement. The employment landscape has changed a lot over the last 3-5 years. Traditionally, employees were very long serving. Today, almost 90% of our employees have under 10 years of service. In order to stay relevant to our employees, we changed our long service awards to more appropriate intervals that suit current employment trends, and introduced a new recognition policy that allowed us to reward staff for doing a great job.”

Why did you choose the Scotland Loves Local Aberdeen Gift Card?

“Using the Aberdeen Gift Card fits in with our purpose to create prosperity for future generations. We replaced the hampers with the gift card and employees can use their card to buy Christmas dinner, to go out with their family, or to buy something else entirely. It gives them choice and flexibility. The cards are also used within our recognition awards.

“Our workforce is diverse and not every member of staff will have the same hobbies and interests. Using the Aberdeen Gift Card means the reward we are offering is open and varied. The mix of nationals and independents on the card is good, as are the locations of businesses right across the city. We like the fact that the gift card encourages our staff to go into the city, supporting businesses in Aberdeen.”

What was your experience of using the Scotland Loves Local Aberdeen Gift Card?

“At first, we were ordering the Aberdeen Gift Card online, and that worked well, but recently we needed some of the cards last minute and were able to collect them in person at the Bon Accord Centre. It’s nice to have that option. When we used the gift card at Christmas in place of the hampers, we were able to personalise the cardboard gift card holder with Port of Aberdeen’s logo and a message from the company. This was a really nice touch.”

What feedback have your received?

“The feedback from staff has been really positive. There’s excitement about what to spend it on. What’s interesting is that staff use their Aberdeen Gift Card in completely different ways. Some staff will use their card to get a daily coffee on their way to work, and others will use the card to go towards a bigger purchase they’ve got their eye on, like an item for the house. It might be spent on quite practical things, or on treats, like going out for a meal. Overall, we feel that the Aberdeen Gift Card is a valuable reward to suit a diverse workforce, that is easy for us as an employer, and easy for our staff to use.”

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