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There’s a ‘Lidl’ more choice with Scotland Loves Local Gift Card as retailer joins trailblazing community initiative

Lidl has announced it is joining the Scotland Loves Local Gift Card scheme this month, meaning Scots can now look forward to even more choice when using their gift cards.

From Kirkwall to Kelso, Lidl’s 111 Scottish stores are now accepting the regional Scotland Loves Local Gift Card. The card can be swiped at the till like a debit card, with the balance automatically updated after each purchase.

Over 6,500 businesses — spanning retail, hospitality, accommodation, health and beauty, leisure and attractions and services — are currently part of the programme, including national household names and independent businesses alike.

The cards have been used to provide tangible support to communities in areas including Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Argyll and Bute, East Renfrewshire, Glasgow and South Ayrshire. They have helped support low income families through the cost of living crisis and stimulate local economies, with over £12 million handed out to households to date.

Ross Millar, Lidl’s Regional Director for Scotland, said: “At Lidl, we are committed to making good food accessible to everyone and, with the cost of living continuing to impact people and businesses nationwide, it’s never been more important that we do just that.

“We’re delighted to be part of such a worthwhile programme that gives instant financial support to local communities in Scotland. We look forward to welcoming customers to all of our stores to use their Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards and enjoy Lidl’s wide range of high-quality produce, including locally sourced fresh fruit and veg.”

More than £300,000-worth of Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards were also given as staff rewards by Scottish companies in 2022, and over £1.2 million generated in consumer sales.

The Scottish Government is backing the Scotland Loves Local Gift Card initiative, designed to fuel the regional economic fightback by locking in spend locally, delivered by Scotland’s Town Partnership (STP).

Kimberley Guthrie, Interim Chief Officer at Scotland’s Towns Partnership, said:

“It’s great to see Lidl join the vast array of businesses recognising the power of the Scotland Loves Local Gift Card to lock money into local economies.

“The greater the variety of places signed up to accept the gift card, the greater the reasons for people to spend more time shopping and spending in their community – ensuring that businesses of every kind can benefit.

“Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards can be used to buy essentials such as food and clothes – as well as treats. This flexibility is one of the card’s major benefits, as has been demonstrated by its use for disbursing funds to low-income households in various parts of the country.”

Scottish fintech Miconex is providing the technology for the initiative.

Colin Munro, managing director of Miconex, said: “Whether it is being purchased by consumers, employers or used by local authorities to distribute funds to low-income households, at the heart of the Scotland Loves Local Gift Card is choice. Recipients can use the card to fill their cupboards or fuel their homes, buy essentials for the house or new clothes. They can spend with well-known brands and discover new local independents. The welcome addition of Lidl to the Scotland Loves Local Gift Card gives customers even more choice to spend and support local.”