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It’s good that there are more practical things you can use your Aberdeenshire Gift Card on: Largue Pharmacy

The Aberdeenshire Gift Card can be spent with over 100 businesses in Aberdeenshire, including Largue Pharmacy and Duke Street Pharmacy.

Gordon Largue is the owner of Largue Pharmacy and Duke Street Pharmacy:

“I purchased Largue Pharmacy over 19 years ago now and then 10 years ago bought Duke Street Pharmacy. Like every small town, Huntly has been hugely impacted by the move to online shopping, and people doing their shopping out of town. During the course of that 19 years, the over the counter side of the pharmacy such as gifts, toiletries and perfume dwindled whilst the NHS side increased.

“What I have noticed over the last few months, however, is the move towards shop local. Huntly seems the busiest I have seen it for some time and that has been positive for the over the counter side of the business. Shopping local makes a huge difference to small business owners, and means they can continue to employ local people. That’s why I joined the Aberdeenshire Gift Card, it will help to keep money in the area and boost the local economy.

“One of the main benefits of the Aberdeenshire Gift Card is that it can be used in multiple businesses, and gives folk a choice of where to spend. Instead of giving someone a voucher for a specific place or activity that they’ll never use, you can give them an Aberdeenshire Gift Card and they have the choice of the whole of Aberdeenshire. It’s good that there are more practical things you can use your Aberdeenshire Gift Card on too, like your prescription or toiletries, as well as the treats and luxury items.

“I also like the fact that the Aberdeenshire Gift Card has to be used in person, face to face, as this will encourage people to get out and visit their local shops, in a safe way, and in line with the new measures business owners like myself have put in place to keep people safe. I hope to see lots of independent operators represented on the Aberdeenshire Gift Card, showcasing a wide variety of businesses across the region.”