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Bringing more visitors to Argyll and Bute: Loch Fyne Gallery

The Argyll and Bute Gift Card can be spent with over 80 businesses across Argyll and Bute, including Loch Fyne Gallery, located in Tarbert. Lesley Taylor is the owner of Loch Fyne Gallery:

“Loch Fyne Gallery is a large harbourside gift shop and art gallery in the working fishing village of Tarbert. We sell an ever changing range of jewellery, stationery, books, gifts, quality wall art and art prints. The emphasis is on unique coastal themed products.

“One of the most popular items we sell are the art prints of the West coast of Scotland, featuring scenes that are reminiscent of the area and really celebrate our beautiful coastal location with views out to Arran and Jura, off the Kintyre Peninsula. Our customers are both locals and visitors and they love having that little piece of Scotland in their homes.

“The gallery was closed for 7 months during lockdown and it was a difficult, worrying time, particularly as we don’t yet trade online. We were thankful that trade returned this summer with lots of visitors coming to Tarbert on holiday. Loch Fyne Gallery is an atmospheric, beautiful space with high ceilings and our preference is to serve customers face to face, to talk, build relationships and offer a complete retail experience.

Bringing more visitors to Argyll and Bute

“I heard about the Argyll and Bute Gift Card from Argyll and Bute Council, and thought it was a good idea. Anything that helps people to shop local is positive. The main benefit of the gift card is that it can be used in lots of businesses in Argyll and Bute. It’ll be great for locals but also for visitors. If they buy or are given an Argyll and Bute Gift Card as a present, they can come here and have a really enjoyable time with something to eat and a little shopping. I imagine it will bring more visitors to the area.

“The Argyll and Bute Gift Card will also be good for building awareness of our business. Firstly, as a business with only a physical presence, we worry that people have got so used to online shopping that they have forgotten about their local businesses. Secondly, we hope that by being a part of the new gift card and keeping our stock fresh and new, we can encourage people to come back and see that what’s on offer in their local area is really attractive. Instead of pressing buttons, they can come in store and interact with a real person and get the perfect gift.

“It’s good that the new Argyll and Bute Gift Card is an electronic card that people can use like a debit or credit card, and we’re excited to welcome customers into the shop to spend them!”