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Welcoming employees back to work with the District Towns Gift Card

Take the Right Route is an initiative organised by Falkirk Council, encouraging people to engage in a more active and sustainable lifestyle by choosing to walk, run, cycle and take public transport more often, logging activity using the BetterPoints app. Take the Right Route rewards participants for activity using the District Towns Gift Card.

Adam Watson is the Sustainable Transport Co-ordinator working in Place Services at Falkirk Council and said:

“Take the Right Route is an active and sustainable travel challenge, rewarding people for travelling in an active way or using public transport. By using the BetterPoints app, which can either automatically track activity, or be logged manually, participants earn points which can be exchanged for a reward.

“Phase 1 of Take the Right Route took place July to November 2020 and involved staff at Falkirk Council and a group of local employers. This 5 month rewards campaign was designed to help employees of Falkirk workplaces to get back on their feet following the covid-19 crises and initial lockdown periods. It rewarded active travel for those going back into the workplaces and encouraged regular, healthy activity for those who were working from home, or those who have been furloughed.

“The results from the 2020 campaign were as follows: 14 individual users registered for the programme. Falkirk Council had the most users join with 65 people taking part, Syngenta, 21, Forth Ports and Denny High School both with ten, Whyte & Mackay five and the NHS three. 7,280 walking, running or cycling activities were recorded. 4,293kg of CO2 was potentially saved. 11,172 miles were travelled actively. 53% was the retention rate average throughout, significantly more than industry average. 16% of journeys assessed via in app questions at the time of travel were reported to have replaced a car journey  and 76% of respondents to the exit survey said they are more likely to walk or cycle to get from place to place in the future as a result of using the BetterPoints app.

“In 2021, we relaunched the Take the Right Route initiative so that anyone in the Falkirk District can take part. The main focus for our prizes is the District Towns Gift Card.

“There is a strong synergy between the Take the Right Route campaign and the District Towns Gift Card. Take the Right Route encourages people to look after where they live by travelling more sustainably, look after themselves and make the most of local services. The District Towns Gift Card is an initiative that benefits the local area, with all spend locked in here locally.

“Take the Right Route works closely with Economic Development. It makes sense for us to use a local reward. If participants see that the scheme benefits the local area, they are more likely to take part. If they prefer, they can donate to charity instead but it’s good to have that local option.

“By using monthly case studies, and showing how people are travelling in a more active, sustainable way, and earning financial rewards at the same time, we can encourage more people to take part. The District Towns Gift Card gives people a really good choice of where to spend their gift card.

“In addition, as the District Towns Gift Card can be used right across the area, in Falkirk, Denny, Stenhousemuir, Grangemouth and Bo’ness, it aligns with our principles. People are likely to have a business they can travel to in an active, sustainable way to spend their reward, rather than us saying, here’s a reward, but you’ll have to get in the car to spend it.

“We’ve also used the District Towns Gift Card in a survey to find out how people travel, where we offered the gift card as a prize for completion. The District Towns Gift Card is such a great asset for us as an area, helping us to achieve our goals such as reducing traffic congestion, with the added benefit of supporting local businesses too.”