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The Highlands Gift Card: La Tortilla

The Highlands Gift Card can be spent with over 90 businesses in the Highlands, like La Tortilla in Inverness. Suzan said:

“La Tortilla is a family run tapas bar and restaurant started by Duncan 19 years ago. Our menu features tapas, paella and desserts with an extensive and carefully chosen wine list and a menu refined over the years. We also sell lovely items that people can take home in our deli section like paella kits which include a pan, oil, rice and a recipe. These are imported from Spain and are the type of gifts that you can’t get anywhere else locally.

“We joined the Highlands Gift Card because we’re a ​homegrown in the highlands business and believe that you should shop local and support local where you can. A lot of our customers call La Tortilla a hidden gem and we hope that by being a part of the Highlands Gift Card, it will encourage people who’ve never dined with us before to come in and experience La Tortilla.

“It makes a huge difference when people support us. The local support we had during the lockdowns kept us going as a business with our regulars ordering takeaways. More recently in December 2021 with guidance to limit socialising, we had group cancellations for dine in but instead, many chose to have a takeaway or a smaller sized table instead and that is truly appreciated. Buying a Highlands Gift Card is one way that people can show their support for local businesses, ready to enjoy a meal out at La Tortilla in the New Year, or with one of the other Highlands businesses.”