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6 reasons to buy a Scotland Loves Local Gift Card for your employees

Buchanan Street, one of the main streets in Glasgow, Scotland.

How are you rewarding your employees this Christmas? Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards are available for regions right across Scotland, and are a way to thank your employees whilst showing your support for Scotland too. Here are 6 reasons to buy a Scotland Loves Local Gift Card for your employees for Christmas 2021.

1. Interest in supporting local is increasing. The drive to shop local and support local businesses has never been greater. Gift Card & Voucher Association data found that over 34% of consumers purchased a gift card in September 2021 specifically to support local businesses- this is the highest level since May 2020. Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards can be spent with retail, leisure, hospitality and services in a particular Scottish region. Just the ticket for employees who want to show their support for local businesses.


2. Gift cards are the number one employee choice. When it comes to the reward or incentive that employees really want to receive, gift cards are right up there as one of the most popular. In a November 2020 study, employees surveyed by the Incentive Research Foundation placed gift cards in the ‘top tier’ of rewards, alongside flexible working. But rather than giving staff a gift card for a single retailer or band, you can give them a Scotland Loves Local Gift Card, and ultimate choice in how they spend their reward.


3. They can help to motivate staff. What’s the best way to motivate your staff, particularly in the pandemic era with staff working in a multitude of new ways? A 2021 Trends Report from the IRF found that gift cards are powerful staff motivators, with their use by organisations increasing by 26% since the pandemic began. The GCVA found something similar, with corporate sales of gift cards rising and over 20% of respondents in their 2021 State of the Nation report receiving a gift card through work. So not only are Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards a force of good for the community, they can be a motivational tool too!


4. You can take advantage of the UK trivial benefits scheme. Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards are a way that organisations can take advantage of the UK trivial benefits scheme. This scheme enables organisations to give their staff a tax-free non cash reward of up to £50. And with a £50 Scotland Loves Local Gift Card in their pocket, an employee can access the best of what their area has to offer, from a fun activity like a meal out with family or a night at the theatre, to something more practical, like a Christmas grocery shop or a trip to the opticians.


5. They keep money where it matters. Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards are designed to support our Scottish regions, keeping money locked into the area and supporting people, places and jobs. When you buy a Scotland Loves Local Gift Card for your staff, you’re making an investment in the local area, where your business is located, where your staff live and where their children go to school. Together, we can create vibrant communities for the future, and keep money where it really matters.


6. It’s a greener alternative. Many organisations now have made a commitment to doing their best for the environment. An example is the NHS Green Plan, requiring organisations to outline their eco initiatives. Encouraging staff to shop, dine and experience where they live, rather than travelling, can play a part in that. Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards are also made from paper, so make a more eco-friendly alternative to regular gift cards.


To give you staff a Christmas filled with local promise, this is how to place your Scotland Loves Local corporate order.