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5 reasons that Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards are a more eco-friendly choice for Christmas

One of the biggest dilemmas at Christmas is what to get your loved ones as gifts. A 2020 survey found that the average spent on Christmas gifts in Britain was £476, but in Scotland, the average was much higher at £555, topped only by Wales (£611) and London (£595). Despite all that spend, a huge 15% of people say they don’t like the gift they’ve received, 10% will swap the gift and 14% will sell it! A more startling statistic is that 20% of Christmas gifts will end up in landfill. Here are 5 reasons that a Scotland Loves Local Gift Card makes a more eco-friendly Christmas present!

  1. It gives your loved ones ultimate choice. Everyone wants the present they give to be exactly right, but buying the perfect gift can be tricky. People in the UK receive an average of two unwanted gifts each Christmas, says the Gift Card & Voucher Association. To make sure your gift hits the mark, choose a regional Scotland Loves Local Gift Card, and your loved one has heaps of businesses to spend it at, not only shops but cafés, restaurants, salons, hairdressers, theatres, hotels and more. They can pick exactly the gift they want and you’re playing your part to minimise waste this Christmas.


  1. Local wrapped up. A 6 foot Christmas tree with a pile of sparkly, wrapped gifts at its base looks beautiful, but it’s what’s inside that really counts. Zero Waste Scotland estimated that over 19,000 miles of wrapping paper was used in 2020- enough to circle the Scottish coast 2.5 times over! Choose your regional Scotland Loves Local Gift Card, and it can be posted to your loved one with a gift message. If you prefer, you could get your Scotland Loves Local Gift Card delivered to yourself, and present it in a reusable gift bag that can be used over and over again. Local wrapped up in one single gift card.


  1. The gift of discovery. A huge 80% of UK consumers have been shopping local since the pandemic, suggests a Barclaycard survey. 9 out of 10 say this community-boosting approach is one they’ll continue post pandemic too. The first thing someone will do when they receive a Scotland Loves Local Gift Card is to go online and see where it can be spent, discovering new businesses right there on their doorstep, rather than travelling .


  1. Experiences over things. Gift buying can be hard, especially when the person seems to have everything already. And that’s why we opt for ‘safe’ gifting options like scented candles, body sets and photo frames. Yet, a 2020 survey by Vistaprint suggests that these Christmas gifts were ranked as some of the worst. In the modern world, it’s all about the experiences and that’s just what Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards offer- a meal out, a morning coffee, a trip to the theatre. And if they want to spend it on scented candles, body sets and photo frames, they can do that too!


  1. Paper not plastic. Last but not least, all Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards are made from 100% paper, making them a more eco-friendly choice in comparison to plastic gift cards. And it may look small, but believe us, that little paper gift card is very, very mighty!


So, let’s halt the progress of unwanted gifts trooping into landfill this Christmas. Instead, let’s choose to gift local, giving those we love a gift they want and need, minimising waste and showing our support for Scotland! Pick your Scotland Loves Local Gift Cards here.